We are extremely honored and excited that Eater LA has included us in their holiday gift guide, as a result, we put together a sample pack for the special occasion, including 6 outstanding, and unusual teas.  

For new stocks of the month, is Da Hong Pao Wu Yi Rock Tea your favorite tea?  We have a few for you: wild, single varietal, or just a cup of easy drinking DHP. 

I get a lot of inquiries regarding how to choose a Chaozhou clay teapot.  I have had a very few encounters with clay teapots that work well for all types of tea from green, white, oolong, puerh to black teas.   One Yixing which is out of stock, and one Chaozhou.  This particular studio has clay formula that can enhance all types of teas better than a gaiwan. 

Tea of the Day @ 50% off

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