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Q: What is the difference between Raw and Processed honey

A: Raw honey is collected from bee hives then filtered through a screen stainer at room temperature and is ready for packing. Raw honey is original as nature intented both in flavors and nutritional value. No preservatives or artificial chemicals are added to Raw honey. Processed honey is heated to reduce excess moisture content. This heating process destroys enzymes, vitamins and flavonoids, in tern reducing health benefits, original flavor and aroma. Bee's Family Honey is 100% Raw, unprocessed and natural.
Q: Are flavorings added in honey to simulate floral aroma?
A: Fruit and flower nectar from a given plant contain similar flavonoids. Hence, quality honey naturally invokes hints of the flavor and aroma of the nectar's floral source. Flavors and aromas can include fruits, nuts and grains flavors. Flavorings are not added in Bee’s Family Honey. 

Q: Can babies consume honey?
A: Honey is used as a natural preservative for centuries because honey normally cannot support bacterial life, however it can carry C. Botulinum Spores which may be harmful to children under one year of age. immune systems of infants are not yet developed enough to fend off this benign strain, hence babies should not take honey.

Q: What are the health benefits of Raw Honey?
A: Honey is used as an energy source, especially by athletes look to boost performance and recuperation after a workout. Sugars in honey do not need to be broken down by the digestive process, so honey is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, giving a quick energy boost to the body. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Honey is effective in removing free radicals from our body, improving the immune system. Honey even has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that allow it to be used as a natural antiseptic. Honey does not contain any fat or cholesterol.

Q: What is honey crystallization and why?
A: Honey sometimes takes on a semi-solid state known as crystallized or granulated honey. It is natural for honey to crystallize over time. Honey crystallizes because it is supersaturated with more than 70% of sugar relative to less than 20% water. Glucose tends to precipitate out as the solution changes to a more stable saturated state. Simply placing a honey container in warm water reverses crystallization and returns honey to a liquefied state.

Q: How to store honey?
A: Natural honey does not need refrigeration. Store in a tightly covered container at room temperature on kitchen counter or in pantry away from direct sunlight and heat.

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