1990s Liu Bao Cha Dan Worm Dropping Tea 3 oz


Cha Dan meaning tea pill, a unique tea that is popular in Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan province.  Fresh tea leaves are collected and fermented to attract a type of night moth to lay eggs amongst the leaves, as the eggs hatch, the larvas feed on the tea leaves, the droppings are then collected and processed to make Cha Dan. 

Cha Dan has many health benefits to human, particularly great for stomach issues, it also has cooling effect. It is documented in Ben Cao Gang Mu (Bibile of Herbs), was a tribute tea to the royal court. 

Taste wise, it is similiar to the cooked puerh.  It contains lots of proteins and amino acids, which make it very sweet and savory.  Use 1 to 2 g, suggested to take it at night before bed time, the healing effect is quite obvious if you have stomach issues.  

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